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The Armenian Society of Anaesthesiologists and Intensive Care Specialists has the main goal to develop anaesthesiology, intensive care, pain management in the Republic of Armenia through education, research and professional development, contributing to the provision of a high quality care in the relevant medical fields for the population of the country.

More information about the activities, structure, governance and membership of the society can be found in its bylaws and in relevant pages of this website.

Brief History

During the Soviet period a society of anaesthesiologists was functioning which practically stopped its activities after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The first years of the independence were characterized by a marked depression in the field of art and science, which was explained by various economic problems in the republic during the transitory period. The new society was founded in 1996 by the immediate initiative and active efforts of its first president Prof. G. Mkhoyan, who was also the head of the chair of anaesthesiology and intensive care of Yerevan State Medical University and the chief specialist in anaesthesiology and intensive care of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia. This fact significantly facilitated the cooperation between these institutions contributing to the overall development of our specialty in Armenia. Prof. G. Mkhoyan was the president of the society until his tragic death in February 16, 2009 because of a car accident. In Memoriam

2009-2017 the president of the society was Prof. D. Melkonyan, who was granted an Honorary member of the society after his term of presidency. In January 2017, along with the new council of the society Dr. A. Varosyan was elected the president of the society.


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